Integrating a "New" product label

Hi all -

I have a list which features a rotational selection of products. Every week or so products are removed and added to. I'd like a way to label a product “new” in the list, so that each week the newest products has some sort of marking on it and then the following week that marking is not there, but on the newest items. I don't want to only feature the new products, I want them interspersed with the rest of the category of products.

Can someone point me in the right direction here?

Thanks for your help!

Nice but i found that method but again it is for old version, so may be new coding needs.

Yeah, I have 2.1.4, so I would need direction as to how to set it up for this. Thanks for your reply!

Is there anyone else that could help me with this? I'm happy to pay someone for assistance. Thank you.