Integrating a blog via rss

I’ve added a module to the frontpage where I want to display articles from my blog. I;ve got the feed working fine but all its displaying is links back to the articles - I want the article title as a link with some introductory text and an image. I’ve had a look at the template file and I’m guessing I need to tell it to display more than just the titles but I’ve no idea how to tell it to do that.

The alternative seemed to be to create an html feed off the blog and put that in a custom block.

Anyone got any ideas on the best way to procede.



Ok I've made some progress.

I changed the bit of the core/fn.cms.php file dealing with the rss feed from

$items[] = array(
'title' => (string)$item->title,
'pubDate' => (string)$item->pubDate,
'link' => (string)$item->link

to $items[] = array(
'title' => (string)$item->title,
'description' => (string)$item->description,
'pubDate' => (string)$item->pubDate,
'link' => (string)$item->link

and then added changed the rss block template - adding {$item.description} at line 11.

This seems about half way there. As the attached screenshot shows it's displaying the intro text for each article but its not implementing the html from the feed - its simply displaying it - so rather than displaying an image it shows the text

So how do I get the template to read the html?


I've got a little further - the problem is that the html and text are contained inside CDATA tags in the xml - so the next question is how does one strip out the cdata tags from the feed. I'm looking at php and its meaningless to me.

Trying to do exactly the same thing… What solution did you land on?

Hi have a look at this article

It might help you: How to Convert XML Files to HTML - CodeProject