Integrate non-CMS pages into CS-Cart site


We're looking to switch from OS-Commerce to CS-Cart; have installed the 2.2 trial and am very impressed. One thing has me stumped and I haven't found an answer on the forum, in the knowledge base or development docs: How can you tie content (non-cart) pages into your site and keep cart information/session data alive while users click between cart and product pages and other pages?

Specifically, we have several hundred content pages I need to incorporate and I'd like our users to be able to look around the features and other items on the site while keeping their carts alive and active. Because of the number of pages and some the amount of regular maintenance needed, importing into the CMS pages function isn't an option.

Any ideas on how this can be done? I can strip all of the extraneous stuff off of the existing pages and use the content as includes if that's an option.

I appreciate any help you can offer.



I'm interested in finding out how to do the same thing. We need the customer's cart to remain active even when the customer navigates to pages of our site that are not within the CS-Cart structure.

We sell a type of product that involves a lot of complex scientific details, and our web site has tons of different pages describing various aspects of the technology. It's common for our customers to read some of the information on our site and then visit our online store and add one of the products to their cart but then return to the technical/science section of the site to read more before adding other products to their cart.

Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the customer's cart active even when the customer looks at pages that are within the same site/domain but not within CS-Cart? (The rest of our site is running via Wordpress, if that makes a difference.)

Did you trying to use iframe tags? Just create some new page without any blocks, insert in page code iframe with link on external site