Integrate CS-Cart into WP

Howdy forumites. I have a website - which I'll be outfitting with a small shop. Now since the template stays the same for the Wordpress theme and the actual shop - I want to integrate the WP-Header and footer into the CS-Cart install - keeping one dropdown ('Shop') with a list of all the categories in the Wordpress and CS-Cart install.

Now so far the only solution I can think of is to create a custom foreach loop for WP and/or CS-Cart - if time-savvy I think I'll create a WP version which loads a stripped down shop (via a get variable - like ?wp-ver or summit).

Of course I'll need to back up the Shopping cart with similar code so that anyone who accesses the cart directly will see the same thing - maybe use a .htaccess to redirect any attempts to get directly to the shop.

I'm open to ideas.

Hello Nelson,

How did you go with finding a solution for this?

Have you found anything or are you still searching?

Please let me know.

Thank you.