integrate cs-cart into existing website

I have an existing website. The idea is to start selling a small number of products (maybe 30) and if it works then add more.

The site is selling professional equipment and the company idea is that the company would like to keep it's existing look Is it possible to integrate cs-cart into an existing site?

Hello, stdave!

In general, if you would like to add CS-Cart functionality to the existing website, we offer two ways to do it:

The first one is to install CS-Cart on your server and then integrate the website design into the CS-Cart software so that it looks the same as your website. In this case you do not need to keep any existent HTML product files as they will be replaced with corresponding CS-Cart's pages.

To integrate design with CS-Cart means to make it look as close to your existent website or design sketches as possible.

To transfer the existent product catalog to CS-Cart database, it is possible to make use of the integrated CSV import feature.

The second option is to keep all existing HTML product pages and just add an “Add to cart” button code which will put a product to the cart. This is not a popular method since it requires some modification of default CS-Cart. Plus you will need to enter all of your products in CS-Cart admin panel and in case you need to make a change in product details, you will need to do that twice - in CS-Cart admin panel and then modify product HTML file.