Integrate Analytics Into Dashboard


There is a need to see the stats of the items that are being sold in the store (doesn't matter if its cs-cart or MVE), without going outside the admin panel to google website, I would like to see how effective are the items that being sold on my website, I want to see how many times people have seen the items (regardless of the location such as 'homepage'/'category page'/other page) and how many clicked on them and finally how many unit have been sold.

Also I want to see from where people are connecting to my website in a global map (i.e. traffic source), I want to know how many people added to their favorites any item ther is for sale.

There should be the 'shorter' version in the dashboard in the same box of 'Statistics' under different button (like 'sales') that should be called 'Stats' and there is also a need for a link to the full scale stats of the items in a page of its own.

It should be also made for MVE so different vendors could see in their own personal dashboard how good are their items in the eyes of customers so they could see which items should be stay the same and which should be replaced/upgraded/whatever.

Check the marketplace. There are several to choose from.

None of them are what I've asked for, I already have google enhanced ecommerce add-on but the point is to embed the stats from google analytics to the website in such way that will suit ecommerce (i.e. not only ow many users visited the website but how many users saw each and every item, how many bought it, how many liked it etc.) Going outside the platform every time just to see the stats is not professional.

Did you look into this one?