Integer Error For Failed Payment

I setup an order with "open" status for a customer he logged in and tried to make a payment 3 times - and received an error message "failed Integer' or something like that.

Any ideas on why this is happening?

Thank you!

Here is the exact error message:

Invalid positive integer

Your order has been declined by the payment processor. Please review your information and contact store administration.

You didn't state what payment processor you're using.

Enable HTTP requests in your logs and then submit the payment.

Review the log and review what is being sent.

Your error message is not specific enough to identify exactly what field is not validating.

Contact the developer of the payment module for resolution.

Thank you for trying to help!

I am using Stripe and Webkul's Stripe module.

So far I have contacted Stripe and their response was that on their end they did not receive a request for $9 to be paid they apparently received a zero dollar request.

The order was created by myself and the customer logged into their account to make the payment.

The interesting thing is that I have no other problems like this. I can daily process payments both with Stripe and PayPal for any amount which makes me think the problem is perhaps with CS Cart and how I setup the order and/or how the customer tried to pay.

Here isthe actual Stripe log info which says zero dollars yet teh order was for $9
"amount": "0",
"currency": "USD",
"card": {
"number": "**** **** **** 01",
"exp_month": "05",
"exp_year": "22",
"cvc": "***",
"name": "j c",
"address_line1": "#103, Central-",
"address_city": "Incheon",
"address_zip": "22003",
"address_state": "Incheon",
"address_country": ""
"description": "j c"

You need to work with webkul on this since they are the developer of the payment integration.

Thank you - I think that you are right - but I still wonder if somehow I setup the order incorrectly

Their addon is not stable. I will change it.

The addon works well 99.9% of the time for us.

Webkul has a comunication problem at times but taht sadly is normal with international software - look at CS Cart as an example.

I am not sure that it is an addon problem at all - maybe I configured something incorrectly...

What is your problem?