Instructions for creating a new skin

Hello everybody.

As I am new to Cs-Cart and this is my first post, please understand and be tolerant if the answer is easy-to-find. I could not do it.

I have a great designer and she already started to work on the new design for cs-cart in photoshop. How-so-ever, I could not find any instructions about how to create a full skin. One that can be changed as easy as the cs-cart included ones are.

Any tips for me in this direction?

Kind regards,


Take a look at these:


[url][/url] (the official documentation)




Hi All

I purchased the cs-cart yesterday. I went through all the docs available and has a fair idea on how the templates works. but the template I have is done in html, I need to create a skin using this. I would like to know, is their a tutorial on how to create a brand new skin for both customer and admin sections.

advice is greatly appreciated