Installing skins error

Installing customer base templates…

Creating directory skins/basic/customer

It stucks there, no error message ?

It is ok on localhost

Please help me !

probably a permissions error.

You need to give full write access for /var/*

I have set permissions, but still stuck

I think it is a problem with server. I had succeeded to install Cs-cart on this server befor, but maybe some server upgrades make it unavailable.

Only I can think of is to look through the apache logs for errors

I’m seeing this same issue. Permissions are set correctly and there is no error in the Apache logs. In addition, I’ve extended the timeout and execution times for php. I’m at a loss to understand. Is there a workaround solution such as copying the directory from var/skins_repository?

Yes, I use Windows hosting, with administrator rights, still don’t find a way to make it runs.

Pls help. I see it has created a Directory in Each Skin, just basic/customer, and stucks there


I turned to CS-Cart helpdesk for this issue. They confirmed what I thought – this is a server issue. However, they also made some adjustments to the skin installer which has improved the problem.

I suggest that you buy some help credits and get them to look into it further. A few dollars spent can save you hours of headache.