Installing CS Cart v4 for Dummies

I currently have a CS Cart website v3.0.6 live and hosted on SiteGround. And I wanted to upgrade to CS Cart v4 but are confused about the whole process.

Because v4 is significantly different from v3.0.6 does that mean Id have to:

  1. Leave my CS Cart website v3.0.6 as is
  2. Do a separate install of v4 onto SiteGround
  3. Then either manually relist my 70+ products;

    … or use the yet to be released import tool to do this automatically
  4. Then somehow point my domain to the v4 site
  5. Delete CS Cart website v3.0.6

    Also If I used the import tool does that mean Id have to manually recreate the categories and top menu etc before importing the products.

    As well as manually recreating any pages, banners, page templates, bottom menu after importing…


    bart :grin:

1, 2 - correct. Developers promised the import option in the next release, so you would better wait it. When import is made do the following. Move the entirely all files of 3.0.6 to the backup directory. Then the 4 files move to the root directory and edit the config.local.php and .httaccess files. Only then when you are sure in correct work of the v.4 you can remove the old version.

Though with 70 products you can do all manually now