Installing CS-Cart 3.0.6 with existing zencart 1.5.0

We have a live store based on zencart 1.5.0

wish to crossover to cs cart without deleting the Zen cart store .

While looking i found that all the directories paths that matter are different in both the platform and even installed both of them on root folder on a spare domain . the only difference seem to be in index.php file .

When the lines from CS cart index.php are placed below the zen cart code in index.php file , the cs cart store appears below the zen cart store on the single page but NOT vice versa

actually i wish to just have the old links working , like when somebody in google search click the link from zen cart

it should show this page from the zen cart installation

but when somebody goes to the default should be cs cart or if they click something on cs-cart store like , they should stay in zencart

the basic reason is the link which are ranked high in google should have some page when click and also we will be making a lot of tweaking and changes + trials before we change completely to cs cart

anybody ?

We just installed a fresh copy of CS cart on our domain yesterday , but a pop says 'your 30 days evaluation has expired'. What could be the reason ?

Also if anybody could shed some insight on the first question it will be helpful


Re your first question… Not clear at all what you are trying to do. Suggest you install cs-cart in a separate “document root” and as a sub-domain and utilize .htaccess in your old site to redirect to to the new site.

Regarding your expiration. I believe (but not sure) that track the IP address and the domain in their license server. So just because you re-installed, does not reset the trial period.