Installing an Ad Block

I have 2 types of products on my website: for sale AND not for sale.

For sale items include cookbooks, kitchenware, tableware, etc.

Not for sale items include recipes and video demonstrations (I input these items as products so that they are searchable, can be attributed to categories, etc.)

I would like to create an advertisement block that applies ONLY to not for sale products. I want to input my AdSense code here.

How would I configure this block so that it applies only to not for sale products and not all of my products?

Thanks for your help!

If all For Sale products are in the same category and all not for sale products are in the same category then you can create a custom category block for the ad and associate it to the respective category by editing the category and going under blocks. If For Sale and Not For Sale products are mixed througout the same category you can manage that at the product block level using a custom block the same way as above.

Or you could use product features to differentiate between the two