Installed Addons Post Upgrade

Hi there,

I have been looking at installing Paypal Advanced on our website and saw that my version of CS-CART supported it. So it looked like it would be no problem to install.

However, when I went to add a payment method, I noticed that I didn't have "Paypal Advanced" as an option in the processors dropdown.

Looking at the paypal addon in app/addons/paypal/database/data.sql, I could see the SQL queries there which would insert Paypal Advanced into the table.

So the only conclusion I can draw from this is:

I would have originally enabled the Paypal addon about 2 years ago and paypal advanced was later included in the paypal addon in later versions of cs-cart. I gather that when CS-CART upgrades itself, that it doesn't "re-initialize" any installed plugins. Of course, after I deleted the plugin and re-installed, I had the paypal advanced option available to me.

Am I missing some step that I should be taking when CS-CART is upgraded?

It also relates to a development concern I have had when working on my own addons and I update my database schema in my addon. I have always manually run those transactions against my database, which is not ideal and potentially error prone.

Any thoughts on this topic?