Installation Progress Bar Stuck


I am new to Cs Cart. I am planing (if everything will be the book) to get a license. But, the problem I have at this very moment is the following:

During the install procedure, the progress bar remains blank, not moving and not showing any activity. However, I've checked and rechecked all files with perms issues and everything looks like it should be. Also, I deleted the cache folder from /var/ and checked the databse. I did the procedure already 6 times til now and sometimes appears to be 156 tables inside DB and sometimes 161! Still, no go with the “processing” (still stuck for more than 30 minutes not moving or showing any activity)!

Am I missing something here?

Please, don't get me wrong, but I DO NOT NEED someone to pin point me to “install instrucutions”! I've read them 10 times!

Thanks in advance.

Please check PM

Thread can be closed. I solved it myself.

[quote]Thread can be closed. I solved it myself. [/quote]

what was the reason?