Installation freezes (Version: 2.2.4 COMMUNITY)

Hi all,

Although I have installed quite a few cs-carts, this time, I face the following problem (with Version: 2.2.4 COMMUNITY):

During installation, and in the “Installing database” step, the window shows a few lines (of the tables created) and then it freezes… The installation stops with no message at all… Just freezes (not the browser, nor windows system, just the installation)

I refresh the browsers window, I start a new installation procedure, and again freezes!!!

Installation steps

Checking requirements : all checked and passed

Host and database settings : all data inserted correclly

Installing database: after a few lines, freezes

Any help? Any ideas why this happens?

do you have delete the old tables from the database?


Just to inform the forum here that,

after contacting the system admin, the problem was in the apache module “mod_qos” which had to be dissabled for the installation to finish…

Then, everything went OK