Install Addons and Images and banners gone

I installed the RMA and Quickbooks addon and all of my images are gone. The front page slider as somehow taken on a link that I had above it. When I try and remove the link, the left side category list is duplicated and starts to slide. I have uninstalled the addons.

Need help since customers no longer see product images.

Using V. 3 is the site.


Looks to me like the templates are screwed and missing the call(s) to /common/image.tpl or the content of that template file is empty.

Have you applied any changes to any of the template (.tpl) or styles (.css)? If not, I would backup /skins/basic/ and replace /skins/basic/ with a copy from /var/skins_repository/basic/ to restore the template files to default. Your layout (ie. Design>Blocks) will remain intact.

No, all I did was install the addons and then uninstall them after the issues arose. I don't know how to get in and locate or back anything up. Still very basic skills on the back end. Thank for the info.

I very much doubt this will do anything for you, but have you tried clearing the site cache to rebuild the templates. Add ?cc to your admin URL to clear the cache - eg.

If that doesn't work, you will need to back up /skins/basic/ using an FTP client to connect to your server. Then with a fresh copy of your current CS-Cart version on your desktop, upload the contents of /var/skins_repository/basic/ to /skins/basic/ then clear your site cache again.

The Quickbooks addon doesn't touch the template files, but the RMA addon does. However, a quick glance at the RMA template files doesn't show anything which could have any effect on the product/image templates.

Ok, thanks.

Can't even see

Is your url correct ?

Yes. It is correct. The server is rebooting.

The domain ends in spse not spe is the correct domain. Fat fingered it.