Instalation stops..all the time


I am looking for help with this issue (version 2.1.2):

After filling up info on the screen with database info etc. when I hit “Next” it stops

Opera dispalys “Connection closed by remote server.You tried to access the address removed , which is currently unavailable”

Firefox gives blank screen

What wold that be?


Please help.

[QUOTE]You tried to access the address http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/QUOTE]

Uhm, I would suggest that you edit your post & remove this link that you posted as I was just about to install CS-Cart for you~! :wink:

PS: I just visited in IE8 and your install page viewed just fine.

I would try completing your install with internet Explorer, or maybe even try clearing your browser cache to procede.

Also, are you actually entering the correct DB details? You might also want to verify permissions settings to match your server requirements.

Here’s the reason:

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Courier]Database error:[/FONT][/COLOR] Table ‘admin_fashion.cscart_settings’ doesn’t exist B[/B]

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=Courier]Invalid query:[/FONT][/COLOR] SELECT option_name, value, section_id, subsection_id, option_type FROM cscart_settings WHERE 1 AND is_global = ‘Y’

You need to reinstall.