Inserting Blocks Within Product Description

Does anyone know how to add/embed a block into product description?

I want to be able to "Additional Info" blocks to show directly on the Product Description. These blocks would be different, for different products.

For e.g, I will create an "Air Filter Additional Info" block, and then embed that into the products that are Air Filters. I will also create an "Air Intake Additional Info" block, and then embed that into products that are Air Intakes.

So far, I've only managed to find the following methods, but have also found them not to work exactly as needed:

1) I can use the Layouts function, to create a specific layout for Air Filter, which includes the "Air Filter Additional Info" block below the Main Content block.. Then I apply that layout to all the products that are Air Filters. This is OK in Desktop view. But in mobile view, the "Main Content" block includes the product tabs, so pushes my block much further down, and not easily viewable.

2) I can use the blocks as a product tab. But this just doesn't seem to have the same attention grabbing visual appeal.

For now, I am having to enter each information into each product description manually. This gives the best visual look on the front end. But having 100s of products of each type, and in multiple languages, doesn't make it easy when I need to change any of the info for the product types.

So am hoping someone knows of a simple way that I can embed a block with the description directly?

- Use HTML block with SMARTY support to add additional info and wrap it with the following code:

{capture name="add_info"}

- Disable default Description tab

- Add new tab for product Description, add HTML block with SMARTY support and the following code:

{if $product.full_description}
{$product.full_description|replace:"[add_info]":$smarty.const.add_info nofilter}
{else if $product.short_description}
{$product.short_description|replace:"[add_info]":$smarty.const.add_info nofilter}

- Then just use [add_info] placeholder in your product descriptions. It will be replaced with the content of the Additional info block

in that case how will the search work? I mean can the search functionality will be the same eComLabs?

Right. Mentioned changes will not affect search engine