Insert Logo and decrease box size

Hello all,

Does anyone know how i can insert my own into area where depicted in the attachment and also how I can decrease the height of the box at the top and/or add an image?

An help would you be much appreciated…

Thank you.

The image you are refering to is http://w w

and is 78 px high also the logo section where it says internet shop would have to be changed to suit it. you can either alter

header-helper-container {
background: url("images/top_bg.gif") repeat-x scroll left top #475766;
border-bottom: 6px solid #FFFFFF;
height: 78px;

In styles.css file line 335 or put a new image at the height you want in the folder stated above.

By doing this it may later other aspects like the search box etc so I suggest you get firebug (for firefox) and have a play around to see what looks best.

Welcome and good luck


Hi John,

Thank you for you reply. I've managed to change the logo.

However, i was referring to the box where i've written “my own logo in here”. do you know how i can put an image in there at all because right now, it's just an empty space…

In other words, how can i dump a car in like below/?

Hire someone who knows how to insert/style the image in html for you. Note that is an awfully large header area. Think about what a user will see on a laptop screen. Think about “above the fold”. I.e. what content to they see without scrolling.

Hi tbirnseth,

The logo will not stay that big but just having a play. the final layout will be be different but just wanting to learn. I'm hoping I can do it with some guidance.