Insert into database Global options

Can anyone help me the best way to insert into database global option records.

The table is product_global_option_links

I have the global option_id and want to mass insert it to about 100 consecutive product_ids at once.

The reason for this is I have groups of signs that each group tend to come in the same set of option.

so I plan on importing group “A” which all have the same options and the product_ids of these will then come in as say" product_option_id 100 to 200.

I then would like to insert [into] global_option_id {12345} the range of product records, then import Product group “B” and add global_option_id {23456} to these and so on. So then the chosen global option would be allocated to the said records.

hope my explaination makes sense.

I cant do it in admin because the product are all different names and codes so afetr the first import…searching them out will be imposssible but at least the product ids will be consecutive on import.



if you have a way to select your products, you could do it with a single sql statement . I.e.

REPLACE INTO cscart_product_global_option_links SELECT 'option_id=12345', product_id FROM cscart_products WHERE "your product selection criteria"

It’s a guess!