inputting a product.... (ver 2.08)

Two simple questions.

I have a category named “Boots”, where I show a number of boots.

Then I have sub-categories by brand. I input a boot into my Excel csv file and specify it to show up in both categories. Then I import.

If I do this, it will only show up in the sub-category. If I remove it from the sub-category, and import, it then appears in the “Boots” category. How do put it in both? I hope I explained this so you can understand. Thanks.

You may want to create a product then export that product so you can see the csv layout.

Ah, good point. Now a general question.

If you had a category called “Boots”, and sub-categories (Brands of boots), What would you normally display in the main “Boots” category.? Every boot from every category?.. just samples?.. or no products? Thanks, Stan