Initial email for orders


I’m testing the cart and I have this problem with the orders: when a customer send an order neither the admin or the customer receives a confirmation email. If the admin changes the status of the order the customer receives an email. Also the communication works via email and website. Is this the way it should work?

How can I make it so the admin receives an email for each order?

(I’m using the php mailer function)

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This is being addressed in the next release. Please see:




thanks for the answer. Same thing happens when a customer places an order. There it says that an admin not the customer…



In Orders->Order statuses, make sure that “Notify customer” is checked for any statuses where you want the customer notified. For instance, if you want “Processed” orders to send an email, check “Notify customer” on “processed” order status.


That was it! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: