Information Popup - Pass Recovery - Profile update

That little pop up that says your profile change has been saved, or you checkout was successful. In my case Green popup window.

It is popping up to the upper right of the screen and customers are not seeing it. Thus getting caught in an endless loop trying to save their information, especially after a password recovery function. Ya, I know, seems easy enough, but some ppl are clueless.

At any rate, I need to find where that little pop up is being generated from so it can be Centered on the page and even made bigger.

Any ideas what file is creating that Information: message?

I have looked through the css files of both the basic and my theme, found some references to it, but no changes I make change the output, it still shows to the upper right.

Please help point me in the right direction, spending way to much time hand holding customers.




You are true that notification container is bad for some customers. And also i didnt see it first time i use. I didn do any modification about this but i am now looking a solution about this issue.

in core.js we can do a little code modification to fix this.


In js/tygh/core.js find line 4030

  if (!_addToDialog(notification)) {



and after this add ;

$(“.tygh-content .container #alert”).remove();

                    $(“.tygh-content .container”).prepend(“”+data.message+“”);



we are adding a span with an id alert when that notification alert prompt.

You can modify this.

I hope this give an idea.


Thanks for the information.

I added your code, but did not see a difference in the way the pop up works. Still showing in the upper right hand side.

Hi EagleRose,

I tested it in my site. When i login, or remove a product in my basket that “green” alert showing in main container’s top via .prepend() function. But also i use that codes in if(date.type==‘I’).

If you use js compression you must clear caches with adminfile.php?cc&ctpl

This is only an idea. If you have coding experience you can modify my half and little-usefull idea to do best :)

That right side alert is in notification.tpl and controlling with AJAX_REQUEST|defined.

When we look that tpl, there is 3 $message.type. In my first message i asked you to add my code in

if (data.type == ‘I’) …Â Â else { ******HERE ****}.

And that alert will prompt when type is not I (i think I= information).

Please do backup while changing original codes. I am only giving an idea.