Indian Languages

Hello All,

How do i add a language to participate in Translation?

Admin, could you please add Indian Languages so that we can participate??

Indian Languages

  1. Hindi (HI)
  2. Gujarati (GU)
  3. Marathi (MA)
  4. Bengali (BN)
  5. Punjabi ¶
  6. Kannada (KD)
  7. Tamil (TA)
  8. Telugu (TE)
  9. Malayalam (MY)
  10. Urdu (UR)
  11. Oriya (OR)

    Thanks & Regards

Hello sernetfspl and welcome to CS-Cart forums!

Please, have a look at this thread How Can I Translate Admin Panel - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

There you can find a solution how to add a language and translate the entire website.

Best regards, Alt-team