Independent Bitcoin Processor

I have implemented a bitcoin payment method that gives my one client (with around 150 customers) the ability to view their bitcoin address (they or the admin can generate it by themselves) then they can send to the address from any bitcoin wallet. Via a plugin it adds reward points to their cart.

The customer can also see when the confirmations happened last, how much the actual current bitcoin value is, and they can receive an e-mail once their bitcoins have been confirmed and reward points have been added to their cart.

So far in the past 4 months we have processed a few thousand dollars in bitcoins without an issue. I was looking at expanding but I was wondering if anyone else besides my client would be interested. It does not cost the plugin owner anything, however I would ask for a transaction % of just bitcoins. I have attached a few screenshots.

I am also implementing a hold value system where the admin of the site can set a specific price range that the bitcoin can hold for a specific length of time so the bitcoin change in value does not affect the user's points.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see something like this? Would you try it out for free, or if not what are some things that you would like to see? I enjoy web programming and the plugin would be a nice extension.