Increase The Size Of Amount Field

Hi guys,

I sell items that cost really low values, and sometimes, in high amounts. But when the buyer places a number above of 3 digits in the field, it appears not all, as in this image:
Is there an easy way for me to increase the width of this amount field?
Sorry about my bad english and thanks in advance.



To increase this element make changes in your CSS, for example, via Theme Editor > Custom CSS functionality:

1. Increase the width for .ty-value-changer, for example

.ty-value-changer {
 width: 70px;

2. Increase the width for input.ty-value-changer__input, for example

input.ty-value-changer__input {
 width: 50px;

Save changes and clear cache to check the results.

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Thank you very much :)

Just worked perfectly

Glad to help!