Increase character limit in product feature text field...?

Yep, my title should give a good indication of what I would like to do…

I’ve found that the text field in the product feature option only allows so much… I am using one of these text fields as an ingredient list for products… can I increase it?

My test site is here

If you go to the features tab, you can see that in the ingredients field, the text is chopped because I have run out of character space…

Can anyone help me with this?

Anyone? I gather I need to run a SQL query to increase the character limit? Can someone please help?

Check the tpls under view.tpl


Sorry, I’m a little daft, I’m looking at that file and not really sure what I need to be looking at… you’re saying this can be changed in the template and not via a database query?


there will be a strlen < 280 declaration in of the tpls.

I think that the database needs to be modified.

The database field you want is ‘value’ in the cscart_product_features_values table. It is currently defined as varchar(255). If you are running a version MySQL version 5.0.3 or higher you should be able to increase the field length to 65,535.

However, ‘value’ is also part of the ‘vl’ key which will limit its length. I think the maximum limit for a field contained in an index is 1000 bytes. You may need to find a compromise for the maximum length.

[SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Red”]Backup your database before you try making any changes and make sure you test thoroughly if you make any changes.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


I just did some testing. The longest field length I could define was 331.


Oh, thanks heaps for testing! 331… well, I just tallied one of the ingredients paragraphs and it came to 830 - lol. Soooooooo, I will have to work with the limitation. Cheers.