Incorrect Shipping Rate

CScart appears to be calculating my shipping rates wrong, I set a shipping rate of 9.95 for products of between 0 and 30 kgs, my product weighs 6k kgs but it is charging 36.15 for shipping. I have checked the products shipping freight option and its set to 0

I have only one shipping rate set and If I change the shipping charge from 9.95 to a lower value it makes no difference so I have no idea what it is doing.

Anyone any ideas?

When you checkout is the shipping method displayed the same one that you've setup?

Destinations correct?

It's hard to say really (for my anyway) without seeing a screenshot of what you've got setup.

No I have set it up as a manual shipping method so it should read the shipping as €9.95 but when I go to view the cart its appearing as €36.15 which makes no sense to me.

I have only one city set up and one country.

All destinations are correct and the correct shipping method appears its just that it gives the wrong price.

You have to set both Country and State in “Setting->General” under “Default Location”

I also have this problem. I set carriage for order value £0 - £30 as £6.00, over £30 is free shipping. Result I get is shipping £3.32 and free shipping over somewhere near £18 order value. I’d be glad if someone can answer this :-) - I’ve checked all my settings against the KB info to no effect. :confused: