Incorrect Pricing


I have just identified a big issue on my site. The price dispayed on the front end differs to what is shown on the CS-Cart backend.

I have reloaded my import file to see if this makes a difference which it didn't and also manually changed the price on the backend but doesn't change anything on the front end.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Promotion(s)? Only thing I can think of that would change the price.

Check qty discounts for specific user groups as well

strange, so have i on some products

price in list shows correct

price in product shows higher

pric ein front shows high
but when added to basket shows low

no promotions or qty dicounts applied

But then if I say change the price in admin to be £4.10 then all are correct £4.10

Looks like something is not stored correctly in the database. Try to log in ppMyAdmin and compare prices for the same product in the following tables:

- cscart_product_prices

- cscart_ult_product_prices

Hi ecomlabs team,

i have the same problem and prices are different in these two tables.
i update the price with api /api/products/10375 and json {“price”:“0.2425” } but the update was made only in the cscart_product_prices table, not in the cscart_ult_product_prices table.

Is this right? How can i update the price also in the second table?


Please make sure that this product is assigned to categories from both storefronts. Could you also share the results of executing the following script when placed in the root folder of your installation:

define('AREA', 'A');
define('ACCOUNT_TYPE', 'admin');

require(dirname(__FILE__) . '/init.php');

$product_id = 10375;

Is the result is Y or N?

the script results is 1. Y

Also the product assigned to both categories.

Thanks for the reply.

Please replace the following code in that script:


with this one:


and let me know the script execution result.

    [0] => 1
    [1] => 9

Thanks for the reply!

According to these results, the price of this product should be updated in the ult_product_prices table for storefronts 1 and 9.

Unfortunately, I do not see any obvious reasons why the price in this table would not be updated.

Could you please contact us via Help Desk on this case?