incorrect import from .csv file

I’m having a lot of issues with the importing from a .csv file. I have input a few products, exported it and added my products directly to the file. The import goes fine, but when I go to look at the product some of them show up, others don’t, when I click on one of the shown products I get an error page. If I manually enter them it works fine. I’ve attached a tab delimited file for you to view since this forum does not accept .csv files. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!


opened your file in exel and looks ok to me, Maybe the dupliacet product codes seperated by a - has something to do with it but this is just a wild guess.

try importing them as completly seperatecodeswithout the - and see if it makes a difference

Also make sure there is data in every row in the very last column of the spreadsheet.


Yeah I had already tried removing the hyphen and that didn’t work either. What’s odd is that if I go to the product in the admin panel, and just click save it fixes the problem. Not really sure what the issue is. Very annoying considering we have a ton of products to upload. Go to [url][/url] and click on tweed baby towards the bottom of the list, you’ll notice two things, all the categories disappear on the right, and then when you click on a product you’ll get an error 404 page. When I look above at the url there are a bunch of spaces as well which I’m sure is causing the issue, just not sure what is causing that error?

And why are the categories disappearing as well?