Incorrect Abandoned Carts

We are now setting up abandoned cart reminder emails, but the abandoned cart page also shows carts that have been paid and processed. It even knows the order id of those orders and the order exactly matches the content! The status of such an order isn't incomplete or any other unpaid status, so I am clueless on why cs-cart decides to show these orders as abandoned carts.

With this issue I can't really set up automatic abandoned cart reminders as it will be very confusing for our customers. Is this a known issue, or better: is there a known fix for this?

That can occur if the order does not end up with a O or P status after payment.

Not sure how you're determining your abandoned carts, but you can certainly account for whether the order_id colum is empty in the table or not. Our EZ Auto Mailer will do abandoned cart notification properly.

Good thing I am planning on installing your plugin then :) But I think it's scary while the abandoned cart list is incorrect.

I check it here admin.php?dispatch=cart.cart_list

For example this order shows up in the list


Aanmaken = create

Betaald = Paid = Status P

Aangemeld = Processed to warehouse = Status J

Afgerond = Completed = Status G

So it did go to status P for a minute so this should be fine right?

That listing simply provides the info that's in the table. It doesn't do other filtering outside of a time qualification (I think).

But our addon does let you determine how long inactivity should be BEFORE a cart is considered abandoned so as not to annoy your customers. It also accounts for stuff already in the table and ignores those entries unless they become active again.

Not sure on your example. I'd have to review the code to see when a cart is actually removed from the table.

Ok, I'll try setting up your cart.