Inconsistent Orders - Are There Cart Checkout Issues?


Lately we have found orders at our eCommerce store to be very inconsistent and low. This may be down to customers just not ordering and buying, however we want to make sure 100% what the problem is.

We run checkout allows customers to pay via Paypal Express, and also we use a third party payment option with Sage Pay, which allows customers to pay using their Debit/Credit cards.

Here is an example of order patterns just recently;

(Please Note: we have an average of 15-20 orders a day through-out the year normally)

5-11-19 - 5 orders over 24 hour period

6-11-19 - 17 orders over 24 hour period

7-11-19 - 7 orders over 24 hour period

8-11-19 - Something strange this morning happened - within an hour 7:00 - 8:00 we had 3 x orders and since then, not a single order?

We are monitoring website visitors via Google Anayltics 'Real-time' over view and there are a good number of customers on the website, however it would appear they are not ordering? Which is pulling up Red Flags for us, we are concerned there may be issues with the checkout system of C S Cart vendor or issues with the payment options (Paypal / Sagepay)

We cannot find any faults or problems, but maybe its something we cannot see?

Does anyone have any pointers or tips, so we can prevent this low order period.

do you have many abandoned carts.

Place as many test orders you can yourself and place them using different devices PC/Tablet?Mobile phone, and use different browsers.

Then maybe call the customers who have placed orders successfully and ask if it went smooth.