(inclusive of all taxes) - How to remove?

I don't want this message posted on my items with prices, no matter how I set the taxes this message sticks, how can this be removed?

Remove Tax from products by unselecting it on the administration/product pages.

Here is what I tried: “Price includes tax” not checked - same results

Enabled this feature and then disable it, same results when I refresh parts either setting.

Removed tax from all items, still the same problem.

Finally disabled the only tax completely and there is still the same problem - “Inclusive all taxes”

I don't get it…

did you cleare your cache afetr making changes , your site admin address/&cc


Yes I have tried that even if I turn taxes off and refresh page with those parameters, still says the same thing. The only difference it makes is on checkout there is no tax but all parts still have that message.