Include Taxes

Hi, i have currently set up all of my prices to include VAT and are show on the product page as £7.99 including VAT. I have then for instance specified that I live in Hong Kong and at the checkout page there is no VAT Content paid however the price is still £7.99, surely as im in the UK it should bring the price down to £6.80 if sending to Hong Kong as there should be no tax however it’s not doing this.

Can someone please help me as i’m afraid of losing custom as they are not having the TAX deducted at checkout.

TY kindly

Uncheck “Price Includes Tax” in the tax section and in Settings->Appearance check “Display prices with taxes on category/product pages” so tax will be displayed. I am assuming you have taxes set up by location therefore taxes will be included or not depending on the customers location at checkout.

Hi Tool Outfitters Thank you for that, am i right in assuming that i need to adjust all of my prices manually and enter them in at cost without any VAT added cause that is a very hard thing to do as i have some 2000+ items. :S

Yes. You don’t have to do them manually though. If you don’t have the price without tax handy then I would export your prices and edit them in Excel or something similar then reimport them back in.

Okay, well i think i need to learn how to do this in Excel then ty, when re importing the products will I need to Delete all the existing products and then reimport then with changed price or can I just import the data over the existing products? Sorry that i need so much hand holding however I am very new to all of this atm.

No problem. To make things easier and faster, only export the price. So your file will only include the fields Product code and Price. Open in Excel and edit the price, save the file and import. You do not need to delete anything, the data will simply be replaced.

wicked, that’s excellent, okay and in excel im guessing I can try and work out a formula or something to do the columns?

Exactly. There is probably a formula you can enter to do it all in one shot but instead of figuring that out you might want to do it in steps.

This will not work for us unfortunately, I have just tried doing it and with each cable in the store I have different lengths, and then for the different length I have different terminations, some terminations costing more some not costing extra, I have exported the OPTIONS table aswell and this cannot be as easily adjusted as list price and price. Oh just letting everyone know i’m currently crying. :cry:

Thinking about it, is there not a simpler way to make the checkout for people outside the EU to be Price-14.98% + Shipping maybe by altering something in CS-Cart itself otherwise to be honest it appears that the “Price Includes TAX” is almost completely useless for global sales?

Any ideas

Sorry to hear that AmitP. To tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone uses the “Price Includes Tax”. You’re the first that I have seen post about it. Hopefully someone that has the same situation will chime in.