Include download links on landing page

What’s the quickest way to do this?

I just upgraded to 2.1.3 and the landing page is a disappointment. Download links are always displayed on the success page and now the customer has to click around to find them… :confused: :rolleyes:

Or maybe my landing page isn’t displaying right?

I have a title: “Order”

and below it I see a closing bracket like this - }

…makes me wonder what’s missing…

and under that I see 3 buttons: Continue shopping - My order details - View orders

Is that how it is supposed to be??

I need a list of products ordered and links to download them… ON THE LANDING PAGE.

In the mean time, I’ll put a link to the download page, but this isn’t ideal.

Given you have a closing brace ‘}’ lingering there, I’d assume you have a template issue somewhere. What’s the URL of the page you are seeing this on?

This is a brand new page added in 2.1. It’s the ‘success’ page when the order is placed. Instead of sending customers to the order details template, it’s at views/checkout/complete.tpl You can also put blocks on that page. I’ve done design mode and used firebug and can’t figure out where that bracket is coming from.

You should be modifying the hook page for your Google conversion data at:

skins/toy_store/customer/addons/my_changes/hooks/catalog/ and NOT modifying the standard page.

So the first thing I would do is to move your Google Conversion code to the hook. Then I would reload the complete.tpl template from the repository via the template editor.

If the problem still exists, I would comment out all the script in the hook page and then see if it’s still there. If so, then you have to just go through the divide and conquer approach by adding some simple text in the template to find the location of your phantom ‘}’. There’s either two '}'s where there should be one or there is a varialbe somewhere that doesn’t have the opening ‘{’.