include automaticly the product code in title


how i can put automaticly the product code in the title ?

I want to get this :

My product title - My product code

i want that will be effect automaticly when i create new product

a lot

yes I would also like to know this,

And I also want the SEO url to be something like /product_name-product_code.html

I’ve been searching the /addons/seo/ files but couldn’t find anything.


Turn on and configure the SEO addon.

i’m looking the same option or an function to check :slight_smile:

Export data/product/

export the code and page title, then in excel use concatenate to add both cells to into one.

Then paste as values into the title column. I have a sample concatenate file somewhere if you want it.

As for creating it when you create the product… dont see the point, cant the code just be added in at the same time with the title field?