Include add fields in invoice.tpl

I have tried everything to include a custom field for housnumber in the invoice but still I haven't got any luck. Custom fields are always placed below all fields and what I need is that the custom field is afterwards the street.

[quote]{if $order_info.b_address && $profields_b.b_address || $order_info.b_address_2 && $profields_b.b_address_2}

{if $profields_b.b_address [b][u]|| $profields_b.b_housenumber[/u][/b]}{$order_info.b_address || [u][b]$order_info.b_housenumber[/b][/u]}

{if $profields_b.b_address_2[b][u] || $profields_b.b_housenumber[/u][/b]}
{$order_info.b_address_2 [u][b]|| $order_info.b_housenumber[/b][/u]}


So what I need is a variable like $profields_b.b_housenumber and $order_info.b_housenumber but unfortunately it does not work just putting it like above. I also tried adding '{include file="profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl" fields=$profile_fields.S}' but then it will show as
'Description: Housenumber'.

Who can tell me which variable I need to add or has a other solution to this problem?

Thanks a lot


I would like to add exacly the same field, did You find any soulation?



No unfortunately no luck yet and still waiting for someone to get us out the trouble.

Did you first add this field to the Profile Fields in Admin?

Thanks for your reply, I of course added the field to the profile admin, and I also discovered that the code

[quote]{include file=“profiles/profiles_extra_fields.tpl” fields=$profile_fields.S}[/quote]

Will put the extra field to the invoice.tpl unfortunately the extra field will show as:

[quote]Housenumber: '14'[/quote]

And I just want that the number field will be straight after my street.