Inc Tax / Ex Tax Display Mess

So I have reverted my stores to enter prices without tax leaving the cart to add tax back on.

On one storefront we need prices to be including tax primarily but the figure is only displayed in brackets in smaller writing under the exclusive amount and the list price is still exclusive? I have made a CSS alteration to hide the ex vat price and enlarge the inc vat price but it doesn't look right in brackets especially with the list price remaining excluding tax.

On the second store we need it to display exclusive of tax primarily and it does this well until you add to the cart and the price is inclusive of tax?

Are there no way to change these in the cart for each storefront? Surely this should be simple to select the primary tax display method per storefront.

Did you ever find a solution?

We also need all prices to be configured with the excl vat as we sell to different countries with different vat percentages (and uploading prices incl vat and then calcuting back is prone to rounding errors).

However the law in EU is very clear that when you sell primary to consumers you have to make the incl VAT price the primary price. Also we want to open a B2B storefront where want to show the price excl vat.

Did you ever find a solution?

I would suggest using some Global Option instead of the standard Taxes, which seem to be totally useless in a multi-vendor multinational EU environment.

For primary prices excl. VAT you can put positive values for the options (say, 20 for regular, 10 for reduced, 0 for exempt),

and vice versa,

For primary prices incl. VAT, set negative reverse values for the options (-16.666 for exempt, -8.333 for reduced, and 0 for regular)

Regular price is 200€

For tax exempt buyers and B2B VAT-registered in other EU country it is this