In website VISA processing

Hi all

Has anyone managed to get a VISA processing module in CS-Cart that works behind the webpage?

i.e. doesn't go to a gateway page.

I have some client sites in CS-Cart using various bank gateways (SagePay and CajaMar)

but they all go to an external bank page, then go back. This in some cases causes clients to abandon the purchase, for either hassle reasons or not sure if the page it takes them to is safe.

My ideal, would be a cart that allows the client to add their VISA details inside the site, though I guess that would be expensive (secure server, HTTPS ect).

There are numerous processors that do that with CS-Cart. is one that is included and it works great. Paypal Pro is also very good. There is also an addon available for Stripe for 3.x. I also just paid to have it upgraded to 4.x and also downgraded to 2.x, if you are interested in that. Stripe is much lower cost if you aren't doing a bunch of transactions and you can accept the major credit cards. You also just stay on your site and aren't ever redirected to an external site.

I hope that helps,


I use PayPal Pro and the customer always stays on my site.The process is very streamline, does not take long at all.

This only cost $30.00/month.I was surprised at how many people accually have & use a PayPal express card too.

I have heard some people really put down PP, but I have been using them for 3 years now and hvae not had any problems.

I want to second Brandon's recommendation of Stripe. I was using PayPal, but switched to Stripe and get all the same functionality without the $30 a month fee. Awesome!

The Stripe integration is a paid add-on but pays for itself in no time. The buy never for one moment leaves my site.