In Stock System Sorting On Date

I'm selling food and now I have like 100 products that have different experience date.

I need an in stock system that only I can se and sort after when a product is going out of date.

So if i get a new shippment from my producer I want to set that

6 of this is going out on date then and 8 of theese on another date. Maybe 3 diffrent instans of the same products with diffrent dates. I also have to be combined with options. Two options an have diffrent dates.

so I want to be warned somehow when some products are close to end-date and sort all products after this. Is it possible?

I am afraid, additional code modifications are required to do it.

ok what do you mean? Is ot possibole for you to make it maybe?

Hello veganermat,

If you are looking for a custom work, we are also glad to help.

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Yes, hire someone from this forum. We are also at your service

This would be a nice addition. I'm working on an ordering system and will probably implement an expiry date as field.

Wouldn't be tough to add the data and then have a cron job that ran once a day that would check the expiry dates and change the quantity based on that. Feel free to request a quote by clicking the "get a quote" in my signature and providing the needed requirements.