In Stock Quantity Hide for Some Items


I am testing CS-Cart before I decide if it will work for me or not. I have a question about the “in stock” and quantity of a product.

I have some items that need to be tracked with inventory and others that don’t. I know I need to set Enable Inventory in the Admin settings to be able to track the ones with inventory. That works fine. The problem I have is that for the items I don’t want to track, the In Stock: X items still shows up on the Product page for those items and I don’t want it to. I also want to be able to have options for those non-tracked items.

Is there any way to modify CS-Cart to enable the In Stock to show only for items that are tracked with inventory (whether or not they have options)? Basically, I want to have an If/Then that indicates if an item is not tracked then I don’t want the In Stock: X Item(s) to appear whereas if an item is tracked then I want the quantity in stock to appear.

Is this possible?

Thank you.