In Stock, List View Message

I need some help please.

Version 4.7.1

When products are in stock, in list view, the customer can see "Availability: In Stock" or alternatively the actual quantity of stock.

For items where there is no stock on hand, we are able to set the product availability in Out of stock actions to read: Sign up for notification.

At this point, the "Availability: In Stock" vanishes from customer view. If I change settings to allow negative stock, it returns to "In Stock".

I do not wish to allow negative stock. My products are either in the warehouse, therefore "In Stock", or in a suppliers warehouse, which means they are available to order but not "In Stock". I would like to set products that are not in stock, but in another warehouse, to "sign up for notification" and have a message in the list view which says words to the effect "Available to order".

How do I get this message to appear in list view where the "In Stock" would normally appear? In this way I would then have three potential messages for stock availability in list view;

1. In stock

2. Available to order

3. "blank" - (when there is no stock to order from either warehouse)

Do you use 3rd party theme? Out of stock label is displayed for me on the demo

I have a stock theme.

i have just been looking and realised I forgot to mention that this is on products that have options enabled. For products where there are no options, it correctly states "out of stock". Checked this on the demo site and it is the same.

Also, the product is set to "track without options" as the options are not a stock item, they are a service applied to the product after purchase.

Small modification is required in this case. Hire someone from this forum to perform this modifications for you.

Hi eComLabs. Thank you, I suspected this may be the case. Your input is appreciated, as always.