In prasie of off line HTML editor compozer

I have finally found what for me is a dream product to go along side cs-cart - namely the free WYSIWYG compozer.

We were using the fck editor but it is so slow etc.

I had had a look at various offline editors and about given up on a big jump and so had stuck with fck.

Compozer has the perfect structure for myself with it templates and site manager and less so view options - since I see those as standard.

I can now easily produce and control pages and updates offsite and update them by a copy and paste of the source code into cs-cart.

It is going to save us hours and hours.

(Sadly I felt more sick than joy when I found out what it could do and how it worked - all those wasted hours)

Do you have a link to the compozer app?

I don’t know if this is the one that Page was talking about, but here is a link anyways.



Thats the boy.

If you look at it - share you own thoughts.

Not for me - I am sorted but it is good to have a different perspective for others.

I rather enjoy pspad editor


I also use Instant Source [URL][/URL] which helpes me enourmously with finding out which part of whatever page has which property.

The moment I know what kind of code belongs to whatever part of the site I want to change I use search and replace


to find the file this particular piece of coding belongs to and edit it.

Either with pspad or with TopStyle css editor


Kompozer is WYSIWYG.

Drag and drop of pictures. Double click to open and edit properties.

CSS - but not my sphere of knowledge - yet.

Knocks spots off FCK and other offline ones that I have looked at in the way it handles templates and file storage and access. Ease of use.

Not without its bugs but for myself well worth putting up with.

Didn’t knew it was wysiwyg. In that case there is no substitue for Dynamic HTML Editor


which is not free but fully w3c compliant and full of features and excellent service!!!

I always used Adobe GoLive but since two years I haven’t touched it anymore and went over to D.H.E.


Thanks for your input and thoughts it is important to have something compare against. I had a quick look at the site but think it is what I did not want - for now - and maybe never.

Something that was complicated.

Kompozer is very easy to get going on and after some basic set up stuff I can sit a member of staff down to create the text using the text/image templates that I can set up. Where the fields for the template text are clear and the rest is fixed. This is perfect for creating descriptions in cs-cart that follow a similar layout and with some sections of repeating text for one group of products.

I think they should be able to knock the stuff out.