In Category Two Phrases In Different Products


We are trying to make a change and we have come to a point but I need a help so that we can get what we want as results… If this is possible

I've created a new .tpl file for a category. We want in this category to put in price a phrase. eg pieces

This we have succeeded up to a point, but since the category includes some products that are in kg, this creates problem

So we thought initially to ask here if there is a variable where it can be automatically define.

for example through a filter that is enabled in product

Simply put, we want a category that can have 2 different products (kg and pieces) and to put in the price 90 $ / Pieces or respectively to a product that will be in kg … In the same category always

Thanks in advance


Please check this module

Best regards,

WSA team

Xmmmm I think this will do the work that i want

Thank you very much for this info

you are welcome :-)