Improve Uservoice - Please Vote For It In Uservoice

Lets see if we can get uservoice improved and maybe our voices might get louder!!!

Please vote for uservoice improvement or laugh at this topic :)

- Allow uservoice posts to have videos and documents to support their requests.

- Make an automatic email notification to all registered forum members that opt-into notifications for uservoice to be notified of uservoice new post so that they are actually visible and can be voted on.

- Also improve the voting process. Uservoice topics should either be adopted or cancelled within say 3 months so votes can be returned. Seems like some of the topics are kind of old and still open. In fact I saw one that was almost 4 years old before it was decline!!! Eeeeek

- Add a date to the posts that is visible before clicking on it.

- Add a sorting field so uservoice topics can be sorted by date

User voice will work much better this way and CSC will get valuable results.

Why am I posting this!! Well I made a support request and I was told I should use uservoice to see if it might be something everyone wants. Then I took a good look at uservoice and felt defeated again!!!

Uservoice needs to get stripped down and rebuilt!!

Please vote.



yes I did really post this in uservoice. I have a bunch of good simple ideas but feel like posting them in uservoice is a waste of time.

but feel like posting them in uservoice is a waste of time.


Seems for CSC to even consider anything is to have a thousand votes.