Importing Secondary Categories

Hi All

I have 19000 products in my Access DB.

I have created an import file to the specification of the kb2 info.

I use secondary categories in the import file.

For some reason some of my secondary categories are being duplicated e.g.

Product code Category Secondary categories

620167 Computing Computing///Computer Accessories

621480 Computing Computing///Computer Accessories

621499 Computing Computing///Computer Accessories

In the above example the first code appears in the category Computing///Computer Accessories

and the other codes appear in a duplicate category with the same name.

Has anyone else come across this?

Note i have had to split my csv file into 4 as CS-cart will only let me import 5000 products at a time.

i think i have worked it out.

The ones which assign themselves to the duplicate category have no text in either the Description or Meta description fields.

Maybe this is affecting the csv processing.

I will test fully tomorrow.

there were character returns in my database which when exported to csv and imported into cs-cart were causing the sec cats to be duplicated.

This is now working correctly.


I am facing a big problem for me.

I have let’s say the category Books which has few products within.

When I import products and categories for those products using a .csv file it duplicate the category Books.

To be more precise before importing is something like this

category Books which has url Books.html

after importing products to the same category is duplicates category like this

category Books which has url Books-eng.html

I just want to have the products in the initial category Books which has url Books.html not to have another one.

I would apreciate an answer in this respect.