importing products


We have 50.000 products and we've split into many small pieces.However;

'Importing products process' which we have started from the cs-cart back-end is taking too much time and going very slowly.

Any other alternative we can follow or might have something to do without using cs-cart import tool?

Thanks in advance,

How long is “too much time”?

By nature, the process is slow depending on how many options and features you have for each product, whether the options are global or local, etc.

I've done several custom imports. One client has 122K products. It takes about an hour to import them including capturing images from a remote site as part of the import (that are new images).

But customization takes time to develop. If it's a one-time thing, then just do the standard import and be patient. If it's something you do once a week, then you might want to consider the cost of customizing to offset your labor cost. I.e. business decision.