Importing Products

I have created a new store at a new domain that will replace my old store.

I have uploaded all my product images from my old store to their same folders in the new store.

Now I need to transfer the products and that is what is causing me some grief. I export the products from the old store and import them into the new one but the product images are not shown in the new store.

Is there any way to bypass the export/import system and simply dump the product tables from the old store and import them into the new store using phpMyAdmin, if so what tables and what do I need to do for the images?

Or, how exactly do you do export and import using the cs-cart builtin system and what values do you need to enter into each field to ensure the products pick up the images that I have already uploaded?

Or, is their a better way to do this?

Thanks for your help

File export/ product code and detailed image, save as comma seperated values.

open in spreadsheet and do a find replace to remove all the crap like /home/yourstore/images/detailed/etc/etc/imagename.jpg

this crap needs replacing with http://www.path to your images on old store/images/detailed/imagename.jpg

you can point it to the images on the new site (a little quicker) but no problem just copying them from old.

what ever way you do it just remember the complete directory path is needed


Thanks John, are you saying to:

  1. First export and import all the products
  2. Export the images with comma delim
  3. Open in Excel and edit the “Detailed Image” column entries to just say images/detailed/1/.
  4. Import that edited file into new store

    And that should include the images with the products?

The way you described will work if you images have been dropped in the same pace kn your new install as your old install, but the can be imported together if needs be , instead of products then image


Thanks mate…All done now and working. I ended up using the http:// address of my old site images and just imported that way without having to edit the file in excel.

Ok, now I have imported all the products and images, when I look at the products the product options are also imported BUT even after importing the Product Combinations, none of the combinations end up being imported so now I don't know what inventory I have on each of the product combinations as well.

Can anyone advise how to fix this…thanks

Are the inventory check boxes on all products set to track with options, the field in your product import file should be set to “o” for tracking with options I think


Yes they were, thanks John. After I imported the combinations I saw this:


However, I ended up doing it all manually now and all is good…thanks for your help