Importing Product Images And Skipping Ones Already Uploaded

I have a product file with over 5000 products with more added every day. I bulk import a csv to update stock, price and add new products daily. I copy over all product images (over 10,000) into a folder via FTP. Then i import another csv that have the url links to the images. This process imports all images one by one and puts high load onto the server.

How can I get cs-cart to skip images that are already present and to just import missing images? Should be be uploading the images to a different folder?

Additional code modifications are required. You should modify the fn_import_images function (app/controllers/backend/exim.php)

Can you help with the code? Thanks.

Can you help with the code? Thanks.

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I uploaded the images csv, although it says images were imported it reports an error: Error File could not be uploaded.

Any ideas? I have never understood how cs-cart stores images, can someone explain where they are imported and if I could simply copy them to the location?