Importing multiple size options

I am currently looking at CS-Cart as our online shopping cart and I am unsure how to implement the import option on a daily basis to update our inventory.

We have thousands of items that we sell at our brick and mortar location (Harley dealership).

The base product code would be something like


BUT the actual product codes for the items are

96515-10VW/0000S (small)

96515-10VW/0000M (medium)

96515-10VW/0000L (large)

I can download a CSV file from our main server that lists the products with these part numbers, amount in stock and the price.

It would be great if we could import that CSV file and it would update the shopping cart inventory. Is this possible?

I’m not sure because I don’t use options. If you want to figure it out for yourself, create a product with your options and then export the product. If it does export the options then this will be your guide to setting up your b&m csv.

I tried that and it really didn’t make any sense, it had random number next to the sizes…

Those random numbers are probably the id to your options.?

they could be but we should be able to update the sub codes with an import of just the long code number because it makes you enter the product code under the option tab…